What is the Apprenticeship Levy?

The way the government funds Apprenticeships for any businesses in England has changed. Some employers will be required to contribute to a new Apprenticeship Levy, and others will need to contribute via a co-investment.

The Apprenticeship Levy requires all employers operating in the UK, with a pay bill over £3 million each year to make an investment in Apprenticeships. The Levy is there to be spent on ‘Apprenticeship Training and associated costs’. The government have stated ‘employers will get out more than they put in’. Get in touch to see how it can work for you.

Are you a Levy payer?

Use our simple calculator to workout if your business needs to pay into the new Apprenticeship Levy and even see how many apprentices your Levy pot will fund.


How we can help?

Our team of experts are available to help you understand more about the Apprenticeship Levy and how it can benefit your business, including;

  • A unique 3 year forecasting tool
  • Apprenticeship Standards pricing and profiling
  • Digital Account management and advice
  • Ongoing advice on funding rules

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