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Hear the amazing progression of some of our apprentices

four seasons care home

Wioleta Golebiowska
Regency Care Centre, Health & Social Care


"From the moment when Mrs. Karen Collins came everything changed. The heart of learning is this connection between teachers and students. Karen has helped bring out the inner me. She knows just what to say to make you feel good about yourself and has that smile that makes you smile. I know a lot about teaching because I have tutored and stayed inside for recess to help the students with corrections. I’m not going to lie, teaching is hard work, but when you teach a student something new and they finally understand with a smile – it makes the frustrating day completely worthwhile. Karen is always very well prepared and very professionally carried me through the whole course and it made me feel confident. She is my #1 assessor and role model, I want to be just like her. She has seen something in me that no other teacher has. She sees faith deep inside me and I brighten her day like a star she says for she is the center of my universe – everything revolves around her. Great teachers don’t just teach you; they change you."

avery healthcare

Louise Whiston
Avery Healthcare


"When Louise left school, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do, she went to College and completed a course in Travel and Tourism, but was still unsure if this was the right path to tale. Her mum was a care assistant and she had helped look after her Nan and Granddad, and so she decided to try an Apprenticeship in Care. Louise has enjoyed being involved in every aspect of the home, each department bringing new experiences and small everyday challenges. Through the Apprenticeship scheme she learnt to provide personal centred care to the residents within the home, and has recognised that every resident is different and has different needs. She has also learnt about ‘Dementia’, by being hands on, observing colleagues, watching the resident’s themselves rather than reading from a book. Many of the residents ask for her by name, as they like her gentle, caring, and patient manner. When Louise first embarked on the programme, she came to us as a shy girl who was very nervous but she is now a confident and valued member of the team, who is respected by staff members, residents and relatives."

choices care home logo

Donna Howe
Choices Care


"Donna started on an Advanced Apprenticeship and has always been totally committed to her qualification, which is her first programme in Health and Social Care. Donna previously worked in the prison service and as a result of her extensive experience and progress with the Advanced Apprenticeship has been promoted to senior care assistant. Additionally she provides extensive support to the other three Apprentices on site and furthermore, Donna dealt with a service user’s sudden death, and the service user’s wife feedback on how supportive and caring Donna is. As the lady was very distressed, Donna agreed to escort her to her granddaughters wedding, which is a gesture that all the family appreciated. Donna’s manager and director supported this nominations and have also nominated her for The Great British Carer Award. She has also been promoted three times in a year plus completing her advanced Apprenticeship."

peacocks logo



"Jade joined Peacocks as a 16-18 apprentice, She was very quiet as it was her first full time job. She is due to complete in November and has already asked me about progressing on to a level 3. She has even asked her manager about this and has gat authorisation for the area manager to complete this.

At the last visit she informed me that she has now been given the responsibility of being a key holder which she is extremely happy with. She is also often asked to complete the window displays (this is one of her units) as she is fantastic at doing this."

Network Rail

Apprentice Testimonial
We caught up with Rochelle Arthurs at Network Rail, Milton Keynes to see how her Apprenticeship with us is going. Get an insight into her experiences and see how our support has helped her along the way.

Smiles Dental

Apprentice and Employer Testimonial
Hear from both the learner, Rachel Bays and her manager, Val Richmond from Smiles Dental about their experience of undertaking an Apprenticeship programme with us.

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