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apprenticeship faqWho can do an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship training is most suitable for anyone aged 16-24 who is no longer in full time education. School leavers cannot start until after the last Friday in June of the academic year in which they have their 16th birthday.


apprenticeship faqWhat type of apprenticeships are on offer?

There is a stereotype that apprenticeships are only available in trades like builders or hairdressers, but we actually offer apprenticeships in a wide range of sectors, with employers from large national companies such as the NHS and Hitachi to smaller local companies. You can also choose apprenticeships in a range of fields, from Health & Social Care to Team Leading and IT to Professional Cookery.


apprenticeship faqWhat qualifications do I need to enrol on an apprenticeship?

This will depend on the industry and the requirements from the employer. We encourage employers to look beyond academic qualifications as some people may have a real desire to work and learn. In these situations we will offer Functional Skill alongside the qualification to comply with qualification framework requirements.


apprenticeship faqHow does an apprenticeship compare to a degree?

Apprenticeships start at level 2 and go up to degree level which means you can gain a fantastic qualification and lots of on-the-job experience but without a student loan or debt.


apprenticeship faqIf I've already got a job can I start an apprenticeship?

If you are currently working, you can become an apprentice so long as employer agrees.


apprenticeship faqIf I've got a university degree can I undertake an apprenticeship?

Yes, you can do an apprenticeship, but you will not be eligible for funding. You or your employer would have to pay your training costs.


apprenticeship faqWill my employer cover my travel expenses?

This is to be agreed between you and the employer, but usually travel costs will not be provided as they pay you a wage.

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