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What is SkillsBuilder?

SkillsBuilder is an amazing and unique industry-leading, suite of initial and diagnostic assessments and learning materials for English, Maths, ICT & Learning Styles ranging from Entry Level to Level 2. Unlike anything you have used before, SkillsBuilder is designed specifically for the effective delivery of Functional Skills.

Written and referenced to the national standards for Functional Skills with a strong user-friendly focus, SkillsBuilder makes it easy to add value to your programme while reducing the cost of qualification delivery. The reliable, interactive, self-marking materials instantly make your life as a tutor, easier allowing you to have more time for what you do best – teach.

The benefits for learners

  • A personalised learning programme
  • Bright, colourful interactive assessments with a minimum of multi-choice questions which are adaptive to individual abilities and hence provide a positive learning experience
  • Personalised learning materials which match the learning gaps identified by the diagnostic assessment and are accessible from anywhere the internet is available
  • Additional learning materials to help understand the application of the underlying skills to functional scenarios
  • A reliable suite of assessments which automatically mark, thus cutting the tutor’s work load
  • An initial assessment which provides a dyslexia/dyscalculia screening process
  • A diagnostic system which identifies the learner’s individual strengths as well as individual skills gaps
  • An Individual Skills Plan (ISP) automatically generated from each learner’s diagnostic results
  • A group profile which aids meaningful lesson planning
  • Learning materials which initially help fill the learning gaps in each learner’s underlying skills
  • Effective, accurate initial and diagnostic assessment
  • Allocation of only relevant learning resources should cut time, and hence cost, spent on raising learners’ skills to the appropriate level

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